YouTuber Boxing (and other things that make me laugh)

Publicado el 21 jun 2021
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0:00 - ESmainr Boxing
4:57 - Funny Instagram page
9:46 - Buzzfeed quiz (w/ special guest)

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  • What the hell is the pinned comment

  • That bussy is bussin!

  • You sang about when the comentery all yours in the we are two diffrent people song

  • Aw what the fuck? That's what Aaron Carter looks like now? That sucks.

  • 14:33 you're welcome guy/greg

  • Waiting for the day they realise the emojis represent their hair

  • for entertainment only just means they’re scamming y’all

  • i hate that my dad actually paid the $50 to watch that fight for no reason

  • always here for the swancore references

  • Right next to this video there’s an ad that says “Gay Test” I might take it

  • they spelled entertainment wrong

  • i love thst u put the ads in the end, because i usually go through the comments while its playing :D

  • I thought Danny was gonna say the C stood for Cashville lmao

  • Technically boxing is way more dangerous than mma….way more deaths and head injuries in boxing

  • the dance gavin dance references in this video made me happy

  • LMAO Should we ignore the fact that entertainment was misspelled???

  • DGD is good live too. 9/10 would recommend.

  • Originally keto was a diet for people with seizures

  • I took three quizzes wondering who I am between the two and I got one that said Danny, one that said Drew and one that said Danny with a picture of Drew. So I guess i’ll never know who I truly am

  • i seriously don't know what mr keto is doing, my parents are on the keto diet and they.. don't eat whatever the hell he is eating?? is he ok??

  • Can you stop telling me to dance

  • The way he says bussin makes me want to unalive myself

  • Damn homie don't know tomato ketchup has 14 metric tons of sugar in it.

  • lmao

  • Is it just me or boxers always look like they're about to kiss or something lol

  • Honestly can’t make it through the video because of his “bussin”. He sounds awful saying it lol

  • No body wanna mention that those boxing are fake The fear getting sued

  • And I told them I invented times new Roman 🐸

  • i know this is obvious, but dont eat butter with mayonnaise. i had a headache for the rest of the day

  • More dance gavin dance please

  • why the hell does danny look so dark in comparison to drew. theyre both saltines

  • Drew and Danny: About to take the quiz Me: N-no wait, I need to take it first Also me: Gets Danny Me: Well, I guess my bones are gonna be squshy now

  • Woah Drew cloned himself for a Collab, that's a little sad

  • Halfway through the video I comepletly forgot how it started. It's like having a conversation with your friend about Star Wars that an hour later ends up being a hot debate about why Skippy peanut butter is better than Jif.


  • I'm so confused he has both recordings of the video call and also the better quality camera they use...trippy lol but I like it

  • They spelled Entertainment wrong on their own disclaimer. Maximum effort has been achieved. Boxing hurts the brains.

  • Who the fuck is Aaron Carter

  • You look like Justin Bieber when he was 12

  • A Carter what a fall off.

  • I think we can all agree youtube is the superior social media platform. All my favorite content creators are ESmainrs.

  • I checked out ketosnackz with a z and he said marijuana instead of marinara.

  • Mulaney's child nailed it again 👍

  • they don't put the wooden balls in the avocado drew, avocados grow from planted wooden balls

  • Why don’t you guys do a podcast or something

  • Ya know, we certainly are in interesting times when eating an entire stick of butter dipped in mayo is a part of a "diet."

  • I got Danny in the quiz

  • i legitimately can not handle that keto guy saying "bussin"

  • This is the funniest stand up routine I've ever seen.

  • Man drew was really in a dgd mood man literally had the guitar riff for its safw ro say you dig the back seat as a transition

  • Dance Gavin dance baby down town battle mountain twooooooooo

  • 4:15 usually smaller fighters have the advantage Aaron’s fighting was the equivalent of walking into a door in public and apologizing

  • “blubes” has to be some of the funniest shit i’ve ever heard, it fully sounds like a term for pubes that are dyed blue

  • This video bussin

  • 7:00 I’ve never related to Drew more😭😭

  • *700 calorie brick of cream cheese That weird keto guy: Is this a bagel?

  • Wade Concept for the win!!!

  • Learning that drew is an MCR fan is great news to hear

  • I'm sorry I got you Drew

  • Remove the keto diet things from my explore page!! Nobody cares about the keto diet 😭

  • God i hate keto jokes. i have to be on what is basically an eternal keto diet due to diabetes.


  • wooden ball.... hes so me

  • That one cooking instagramer ( I can't be bothered to look his name up) is broken stealing jokes from "YouSuckAtCooking" the ESmain channel. Call that shit out Drew, or I dunno I'll stop watching your adorable face.

  • Hell yeah I got Danny!

  • drew: because I’m a little bitch 🤣

  • Danny, i got you!

  • 6:50 - 7:05 stop copying my entire existence please and thank you

  • i just went on the keto dude's ig and commented "bussin" like 11 times lmfao

  • Wrestling (not WWE, legit wrestling) Is also one of the most aggressive and violent sports even though it looks like people trying a bunch of new sex poses

  • bussin guy seems nice and pretty funny but watching him eat a peice of butter with mayo on it made my bones hurt

  • Nah Kurtis will always be the country boy😤

  • drew whats ur fav mcr song

  • this is the first time i realized drew has a lazy eye

  • DannyGamezalez

  • Drew why

  • You mentioned my band thanks Drew

  • “21s not the prime of your life. I’d say that’s like…8? Because it’s all down hill from there” really got me

  • ESmainrs boxing is just their agreement deal with each other to make millions lol

  • oh my god three cheers

  • Loving the Explosions In The Sky vinyl back there


  • you done messed AA Ron! Had me dying lmao.

  • I listen to so much true crime, and those keto clips are somehow more horrifying. Fruit and peanut butter: perfectly sane and reasonable. Chip dip in solid form: detaching from reality. Butter dipped in mayo: unhinged lunacy.

  • I’m white and seeing a white person try to unironically overuse the word “bussin” while eating a stick of butter dipped in Mayo is like.. peak white culture. Like it doesn’t get whiter than that lmao

  • When Drew and Danny do a video together, man this video is bussin

  • 1:37 just a quick little misspelling of the word "entertainment" on the poster

  • my mom legit eat spoons of cream cheese

  • "And I Told Them I Invented New Times Roman"

  • Shout out to dance gavin dance ✌️🏻

  • There kept diet was made originally for children w epilepsy

  • 690 dislikes 👌😩

  • I think entertainment only boxing means when the winner is already chosen and they just have to act

  • New subscriber here and an absolute fan. Love you as the voice of the little girl on Bob's Burgers also 👍🏾 Hilarious content, it's like if Jerry Seinfeld and TMZ had a baby. It makes no sense and is completely pointless. That's why I will watch every episode possible.

  • I appreciated that sneaky inclusion of Times New Roman by DGD in that transition slide

  • Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge 🤘🪦

  • “ SoOoOooOoOoOooo bussin’ “ he sounds like he’s crying

  • The majority of my Instagram explore page is videos of pigs eating. Appreciate it a lot.

  • Anyone who uses the word "bussin" deserves to get shot in the face.

  • I agree 8 is when it all goes downhill lol