Why Does Pepsi Have a Game Show?

Publicado el 31 mar 2021
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  • Pepsi

  • Because Fox hasn't had a good game show since July 2000

  • "Capitalism brings innovation" The innovation:

  • watching this video when i work in a casino 40 hours a week feels like working overtime

  • If coca cola doesn’t sponsor drew at this point I’m turning to water

  • hey! guys guys guys! balls

  • bruh

  • I love pepsi wild cherry but this is making me rethink my stance on it

  • 15:46 killed this performance man

  • This is like free stand-up comedy, I love it.

  • Why is nobody talking about how Pepsi is misspelled

  • If you flip pespi upside down it says idsep and I think that's crazy

  • Clicked on this video and then turned over to remember that I'm drinking Coca-Cola Orange Vanilla.

  • Kinda of embarrassing this guy doesn’t know the largest slot machine in the world is SlotZilla…

  • In Rainbows is just chilling in the back ground

  • this video made me want taco bell, they should pay you

  • ''And then the dad yells at the kid to go get him another beer" you mean cherry pepsi

  • I want to see a coke vanilla game show

  • hands down best outdo i’ve ever seen

  • I didn't even know this was a thing 😀

  • Wait this game show was based around Krispy Kreme doughnuts,right?

  • I keep getting pepsi ad while watching this vid.

  • dr pepper


  • Sorry I didn’t get the teeth-son joke can someone please explain.

  • They got That Guy From The Movie and didn't develop Apple Pie Pepsi. Terrible.

  • pespi

  • Was that The Who in the background?

  • *pespi*

  • This feels like an snl skit. A corporate entity makes an absurd game show to sell a product. And the show isn’t even real, it has no live audience and is so clearly rigged to be in the favor of the company and not the players. It seems surreal.

  • This is an example of the Matrix the media companies want us to live in

  • ?

  • This is just evidence of how dead the old-world of media is. How desperate they are to capture market share in this new economy

  • 8:18 tacobell is pepsi lmfao

  • I subconsciously drank a coke while watching this

  • 8:50 well i don’t think it’s actually a random number generator. I think it’s mostly a random number generator but only formthe ones that make you lose or not make any money or after a few times a little bit of money and on some really rare occasions they let you have a tiny chance at a big price. (But then again, alot of casinos have claimed people were cheating when they won and tried to take the money back)

  • Peppi

  • Pepsi

  • Pepsi is an enigma that we are not yet worthy of understanding

  • Slotzilla is the largest slot machine. Standing at 12 stories tall!

  • He's very handsome

  • That apology bit at the start was so funny idk why

  • What is is putto song?

  • This show is like watching Sims TV

  • I got coke commercial right before this video

  • 8:33 There's actually a slot machine in Las Vegas called SlotZilla that's so big that four people can zipline out of it simultaneously.

  • the "bruh" comment killed me

  • The fact that my stupid lil model kits that I detail as a hobby get more likes on Instagram than a gameshow fueled by Pepsi money was the tiny ego boost I needed this morning.

  • There's a bigger slot machine in Vegas tho I think.

  • “But they still show other things” immediately shows a Taco Bell commercial

  • It’s it weird that I’m drinking a Pepsi wild cherry right now? My favorite drink? *What is this sorcery?*

  • “Companies cannot create a show to promote a product”-advertising law

  • I don't know about y'all, but watching this makes me want to drink an ice cold Vanilla Coke

  • If you google it there is an 8 story slot machine with a zipline in it.

  • Curtis would dominate this

  • These videos are a fucking trip…

  • The guy that fucked the pie is now fucked by a soulless Pepsi game show.

  • 'Hey guy'.. is that an inside joke?

  • I love Pespi

  • I just realized that the sign in the back says pespi

  • Moral of the story, never trust big companies. I just realized that I have already commented but who cares?

  • I can’t wait for wall greens to have their own show.

  • *nervously stares at cherry pepsi box in my room* yea pepsi sucks guys idk why they have such awful marketing

  • It's also the whole game show mentality of Oh man i already have (X) amount, lost (X2) so i gotta risk it to get more No No you don't Not until you leave do you have any extra money Just go

  • It's funny you show a Taco Bell commercial as the other ad since They carry Pepsi

  • pepsi

  • eh, I prefer Coke

  • Why doesn't this seem like not even that bad of an idea, just the whole slot thing sucks

  • i was drinking pepsi while watching

  • This isn't even Pepsi's first game show. Look up Play for a Billion.


  • Also, did you buy a Pepsi shirt just for this?

  • Maybe my comment didn't come through, but I can't see it anymore. It's very important though, it must be known that Jason Biggs is probably an asshole, so yay for this being his career. I never want to be a "hater," but when people say awful things, I get a little happy when they don't succeed as much? Okay, I'm a bad person.

    • I said this all before you talked about Biggs himself! Universally loved???? I thought it was pretty common knowledge that the guy is kind of difficult, disliked by many, including his former co-workers? Dunno if I'm just weirdly obsessed about this in the moment.

  • Wtf?!?! Is that why my favorite soda disappeared for almost a year?!?! They were pouring money into that pos show instead of the actual product? BTW didn’t that guy f*** a pie?

  • Daily reminder ladies and gentlemen that we live in a Dystopia.

  • i just looked at the app and i think they turned reviews off

  • The difference between coca-Cola and Pepsi is that: Pepsi makes a deal with Fox to get a TV show and Coca-Cola partners with Morphe to make a make up line.

  • Bet that Pepsi app requires access to your contacts, your media, your microphone, your camera, and your soul. Pepsi just trying to harvest data to be able to market better without having to buy the data hahahahaha

  • That is like Idiocracy territory...

  • Can you please review Jason Biggs’ new show Cash at your door?

  • The only reason I even know who Jason Biggs is, is because of the 2012 iteration of TMNT.

  • largest slot machine is 12 stories. get out of here pepsi

  • One day you're having sex with pie.. now this. How the mighty have fallen. #Coke

  • Jason Biggs is hosting a new game show called Cash At Your Door and I don't know if it's out yet but it is ridiculous how these people can't answer the most basic trivia questions ever asked, and if you don't do a video about it then I will have to become a youtube commentator and do it myself

  • It's amazing that humans have been on earth for 7 million years and we got to exist at the same time as Drew.

  • You've been the fucking Prince of Florida this whole time?! I'm from Ocala, how did I not get an email about this? Oh. Pepsi...

  • I watched this video while peaking on acid and I came back to watch it sober and it still makes no sense

  • I miss Pepsi man.

  • 6:05

  • I can answer this question. They’re cashing in on the people who will make ESmain videos about how bad/dumb it is that way people will have Pepsi on there mind and subconsciously shop for it next time they’re out and about.

  • drew you GOTTA watch Megashark vs Mechashark

  • Fox in a nutshell.

  • drinking wild cherry pepsi while i watch this so i don't feel like i'm taking sides

  • Pespi :)

  • What's wild is that this is literally what game shows started as. Whole thing would just be an ad.

  • Remember when Jason Biggs was Leonardo in TMNT until Seth Green replaced him.

  • I should totally go on this show and immediately quit

  • can't wait to watch my giant commercial show with commercial breaks

  • Didn’t the host guy act in orange is the new black? What a career fall lol

  • oh my god thats the guy from the movies!