The best and worst show on every streaming service

Publicado el 13 abr 2021
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Everybody go thank @Eddy Burback for his very nice cameo

00:00 - Intro
00:34 - Hulu
04:32 - HBO Max
08:23 - Disney Plus
10:43 - Prime Video
10:46 - Netflix
17:12 - hot dog

hail the sun - doing the same thing and expecting different results


hot dog:

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  • WHY ARE GIRLS ALWAYS EMPHASIZING THEIR S’s? It’s gotten to a point where they’ll literally add the letter s to words or literally pronounce the letter X, Z or even CH as an S……… IT’S ANNOYING! Please for the love of God, STOP, it’s not cute!

  • I would choose a home hands down! Why do people need these lavish weddings?

  • “My dad always told me, ‘You’ve gotta be nice to everybody ‘cause you never know…’” It was at this time that she realized Dhar Mann told her never to judge people because she would instantly regret it, not that her dad told her the golden rule. Sad.

  • why is the marriage or mortgage show just like love it or list it 😭

  • bojack horseman made me cry for hours but in a good way, kinda

  • How did you even make this without seeing either Game of Thrones or the Mandalorian. You watched high school musical instead. My boomer brain cannot compute.

  • I'm just here to recommend You're the Worst. It's on Hulu

  • The Mandalorian is mediocre at best. It's just fan service that _doesn't_ destroy any previously loved material like other Star Wars films have recently so people think it's amazing. It has the most boilerplate TV writing I've seen in years. Flat characters, awful dialogue, by the numbers plots that we've seen a thousand times before but better. I wasn't surprised once. I was bored 80% of the time. Without the Star Wars skin it would be utterly unremarkable.

  • Holy shit the part with Eddy is so fucking funny

  • yes, fuck amazon but also….. invincible

  • 10:20 this man was Psycho Sam from the Hunt for the Wilder people. Let me say this again. THIS man was one of the Best characters of one of the greatest New Zealand films EVER.

  • Yeah, regardless of whatever disease is taking the world by storm, who in the FUCK is picking a wedding over a goddamn HOUSE?! I'm sure some of those couples went, "Well we can always get a house, but we can only get married once!" but yeah, exactly that. You get married ONE TIME. When the day is over, that's it. When you have a house, you get as many days as you want and it continues to be there to reuse, time and again. The utility is infinitely higher unless you die or something, but then the wedding doesn't really do you much good then either, does it?

  • God damn, I'm so stoked you appreciated Bojack as much as me. I think it is one of the best TV shows ever made, but every time I bring it up with people they didn't really like it that much. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills. The writing is so good.

  • Wow riverdale wasnt the worst show on netflix im shocked

  • I understand skipping amazon but FUCK YOU cause "The Boys" is fucking sick

  • Amazon actually has some great shows lol.

  • I was surprised Drew didn’t mention The Handmaid’s Tale :s But I guess he indeed is more into stuff on the comedy side over serious, depressing stuff lmao

  • E

  • i mean amazon has great shows but ok

  • Imma be honest, I really enjoyed Emily in Paris. It was the perfect show for when you want something that doesn't require your full attention, and just is an easy timekiller. Maybe it was just for me dreaming about moving to Paris, escaping the current life problems, and finding a hot flirt. But hey, not all dreams need to be more than that :D I was Emily for a few episodes, even tho I'm a dude.

  • Can’t believe he didn’t mention the sopranos

  • The fact you put hail the sun as music for the title cards makes me beyond happy

  • You had me at “fuck Amazon”

  • I’m super disappointed he didn’t mention fleabag cause it was on prime but also respect bc fuck amazon

  • Pen15 is my least favorite show EVER it sucks don’t watch it

  • Space Force was good!!

  • the fucking balan wonderworld edit fucking got me

  • hot dog

  • Mr Robot is one of the best shows

  • This made me watch BoJack Horseman and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. One of the best shows I’ve ever watched.

  • Oh so no Infinity Train?

  • Hulu, hbo max and hot dog don't exist where I'm from

  • Wait…that really WAS Brian Cox on those McD’s commercials?

  • I was blown away by Barry. Such an excellent show

  • My favorite Bojack horseman episode is the one with the baby seahorse

  • "Fuck Amazon" lolol I haven't laughed that hard in a long time eh 10/10 content brah

  • Ik fuck Amazon but I rly wanted him to talk about mrs maisel 💔

  • We invited 160 people to our wedding in May. We were told AFTER we paid for the venue we could only have 25% of those people. We flew to Jamaica and got married elf are now going to court because they refuse to give us our money back for the venue. They're evil

  • Wow dude you're missing out on Red Oaks

  • The only good thing on Amazon was invincible and the boys.

  • You should not have skipped prime video 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Hulu does have live sports, but for 60 dollars a month

  • Animals was better than Barry. There I said it

  • You missed all of Prime. Many great shows

  • Yes yes yes. Bojack Horseman is a masterpiece. When I started the show I didn't expect this huge emotional rollercoaster as well

  • boy this list sure falls apart quick eh

  • Yes fuck Amazon but the Expanse is the best Show there

  • Bo jack is my fav show of all time. Such a journey that goes the distance.

  • i watched the characters because of this video and it's probably the funniest thing ive ever seen thanks drew

  • Imagine thinking rich people shouldn’t have feelings lmao tf

  • Amazon prime aint that bad :(

  • When amazon gets a cool anime exclusive like Vinland Saga I become a pirate

  • In case you were wondering, I get Grip6 belt ads exclusively on your videos. I think they love you.

  • The level of stupidity of choosing a wedding over a house. Even without covid

  • HI

  • There's a xkcd comic about how everyone becomes a specialist critic if you lock them in a box with the subject matter for an year

  • Thanks for convincing me to watch Bojack Horseman, Drew. it is now my favorite show ever

  • Netflix Hulu and prime movies totally suck. Big waste of money.

  • Speaking from experience I can clearly say that I don't know 99.9999969999% of movies.

  • But invincible is on Amazon prime :(

  • Immediately after he threw shade at Amazon, I got an Amazon Ad. Jeffrey is listing Drew...

  • reddit

  • I just started watching BoJack and I already love it. S tier show

  • C.L.I.V.E is there because the big fib started as a podcast. The podcast robot L.I.S.A is much funnier.

  • 宇宙人!

  • I mean Amazon has The Boys and Invincible which are pretty cool

  • Amazon has the Boyz which is really good. My fiancee has some favourites on it too. I wouldn't pass it up, especially since it comes with Amazon Prime

  • The best on HBO Max by far is game of thrones

  • Bojack horseman and girl from nowhere are my favorite Netflix originals and I don’t know how to explain why.

  • Fuck Amazon?? You're missing out big time. The Boys and Invincible are worth the price alone. Ohhh and The Tick 🤗🤗🤗

  • Wait, why 'fuck Amazon'? What am I missing?

  • "Fuck Amazon" 😍😍😍

  • dont worry wanda vision is trash

  • James Franco is because of my favorite snl sketch

  • I genuinely enjoy Marriage or Morgage, the timing was so wrong though

  • Unpopular opinion: WandaVision was terrible. The cgi was unconvincing, the dialogue was moronic and the acting was just. So. Bad. I laughed out loud half a dozen times during that finale fight between Wanda and the other one. They both only ever looked like they were in varying degrees of constipation.

  • i like how right before i watched the video an ad for disney+ played😃

  • I feel that the Amazon slander is a little harsh. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and Gortimer Gibbon’s Life on Normal Street are actually really good, especially the latter.

  • I've been meaning to watch BoJack Horseman. I've heard great things about it.

  • Come on, HBOs shows are not always great. There are a couple of shows that were pretty bad in storytelling, pacing and acting. For example Vinyl by Mick Jagger and Martin Scorsese. Or Hello Ladies are even better examples than including a friend discussing for the 4th Million time, how bad season 8 of GoT was. Wich wasn’t. Yeah how they conclude the whole story was not the best and most exciting thing on television. But in the end, that doesn’t mean to blame all actors, the staff, The directors, the Extras and all other crew members for the decision the two show creators made. Because in the end they all did a magnificent job. Maybe you should really watch by at least 75 Percent of the most successful products from every single streamer before you put something like I Carly in a list.

  • Space force is dogshit and I love it

  • For Apple TV+ Ted Lasso hands down is there best show it’s soooo good you get hooked with the story it’s a must watch

  • I finished Bojack Horseman a week ago and all I need to say is 10/10. One of the best shows ever made. Honestly there aren’t many Netflix shows that are this good. Literally the only Netflix shows that are this good are Bojack and Queens gambit. Everything else is decent to eh.

  • What’s behind the mystery door?

  • Mr Robot doesn't deserve to be on Amazon 😔

  • I've never seen The Big Fib, but Rhys Darby is fucking amazing Also, Prime has some great shows

  • Drew, Drew. The joke was "That's two strikes, Hulu. You don't want to get to three strikes or I'll have to take back the part about you not having some kind of live sports."

  • It isn't on a streaming service, but rings(2017) has a score of 8% on rotten tomatos

  • Based

  • Why didn’t you go over amazon

  • Netflix: Mind hunter & behind her eyes

  • Apple TV or HBO Max are the best value during lockdown!

  • 15:00 I seriously thought you put this in there as a joke- the sheer _juxtaposition_-

  • ok but why did i know that from the beginning bojack horseman was gonna win for Netflix, it truly is a masterpeice

  • Your list is like the worst shows on these streaming services.

  • Pen15 or penis? leet speak joke?

  • Seriously, Love, Death and Robots has to be up there for Netflix, almost every episode is amazing

    • I want to watch all through the house and im not shord if it’s to scary for me lmao

  • Daredevil is my favorite netflix show

  • “Fuck amazon” but invincible tho