Ranking Terrible Life Hacks with My Wife

Publicado el 30 sep 2020
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Thanks to everyone who sent me the life hacks:
egg spray - haught_topics/sta...
pistachios - minaisagreg/statu...
bag proposal - gillibean33/statu...
car scarf (please don’t do this one) - miasohungry/statu...
apple juice - hanimunart/status...
grass key - bubblbudd/status/...
underwear - sims4foreva/statu...

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  • Wife hacks

    • Hacks into her skull with a machete He did it to me before so I wouldn't be surprised

    • Hack saw your wife

    • @leave me alone it just like comes to us idk why

    • That could go 2 different ways

    • uwu

  • Siblings?

  • Amanda has big teacher energy

  • every youtuber i watch has the sweetest wife/girlfriend 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • The reason that the apples are so mushy is because apples cell systems collapse when frozen so it wasn’t just condensation. Don’t know why you needed to know that, but these hacks are so stupid it makes sense.

  • What about when you mow your lawn? (In regards to the grass key)

  • Are u guys mariied

  • Had a life hack ad by tictok while watching this 😂😂

  • Now if there’s one thing I hate is roberts -Drew Gooden

  • Was it really necessary that the balloon stress ball be shaped like a nutsack?

  • today my teacher called the class “little stinkers”

  • Drew's is literally the only channel I intentionally don't fast forward through the sponsored section on

  • 0:56 Where is that music from? 12:23 This is the exact thing Bo Burnham was making fun of when he made “White Woman’s Instagram.”

  • The worst thing about all of these hacks is that they know they're useless. We know they're useless. My brain damaged cat knows they're useless. And we are all still paying attention. Well, not my cat. He's going to town on his junk.

  • What am an Amanda?!

  • I think this is my favorite video of drew channel, along with every collab videos with danny

  • Amanda is the hottest commentary youtuber wife.

    • @crab cowboy id say so. Honestly, all the commentary youtuber wives are pretty hot (Cody ko, Danny, Leon lush, matpat, etc) I actually just saw Kurtis girl for the first time and she's a smokeshow. These guys have good taste lol.

    • Dare I say… better than Erin from jacksfilms.

  • they have great chemistry

  • U guys look like siblings

  • That's a drug deal my dude. How you think they figured it out baked af looking for a hit

  • Amanda is so cute!!! Your videos make me DIE with laughter!! Thank you so much for making my work go faster with laughs! Keep the video's coming!! :-)

  • When you announced your engagement/marriage publicly, you should have opened a video with you doing the chip hack.

  • I see Amanda I click

  • Wow, thousands of dollars for a life vest these days! Damned inflation.

  • My wiiiife

  • Small brain: stranded on a desert island Big brain: *sudden camping*

  • the captions: drew and amanda chewing

  • Me: hmm.. I want to spend all my money... Troom troom: *uploads* Troom troom: HOW TO SPEND ALL YOU'RE MONEY IN ONE GO!

  • And the stupid “feel good” music they place in every one of their dumb videos.

  • sister or wife? or sisterwife?

  • Can someone please tell me the jazz song at 8:42

  • Okay super super random but it's killing me because it looks super familiar - what city is the subway/train map of?

  • I thought you were gay

  • dont do this.. but if you ever want to "egg" a house.. a thawed apple is MUCH better

  • 2:59 that’s what she said

  • "It's ceramic 🙄🎃"

  • Duct tape is great to make a makeshift shoe... for horses when they need any hoof medicine and let it stay dry. Properly put on the keep it dry and stay on for days without impacting them. :)

  • I feel like I should hate this guy I really do his jokes don't land but damn does he do interesting content

  • The hack for falling asleep in the car…Lmao omg can you imagine pulling up next to a car at a red light and seeing the passengers face covered and tied to the seat hanging limp and passed out hahahhahahaha I’m dead.

  • Nice DC metro poster

  • If I drove by a car and saw a passenger's face tied to the headrest with a scarf, you better believe I'm calling the cops ASAP. That looks terrifyingly like a kidnapping.

  • Apple juice freshly squeezed this time or SO HELP ME GOD MAURICE

  • 7:45 : Deflated ballsack

  • Drew, I love that you have the DC Metro map hanging on your wall.

  • With a combination of me forgetting straight people exist, having bad eyesight, and not reading the channel name you get me thinking his wife owned the channel and thinking there was another wife behind the cardboard in the thumbnail-

  • drew lives in dc??

  • First one definitely doesn't deserve the "good" category lol

  • If duct tape is not working, you're not using enough duct tape. That's like life lesson number 5.

  • 9:30 yeah that’s how they make juice and cider. You would really just press it afterwards with you know tools not your hands.

  • Cute

  • I'm only at the ceramic pumpkin and I love you two 😆 Just discovered you last night. New sub from me for sure! You folks rock.

  • I’ve never seen a husband and wife who look so much like brother and sister.

  • I'm suddenly unprepared for camping. Luckily I have my roll of duct tape with me! Ya know

  • honestly untill i saw this video i thought that this guy having a wife was a joke i'm sorry

  • 5:45 To be fair, I don’t think they were saying the duck take would protect your foot from a puddle, I think they were just saying you could use it as a shoe replacement if your shoe got completely ruined by stepping in mud. It’s still dumb though.

  • The ignorant streetcar singly peel because evening ostensibly behave for a jagged softball. plain, sable asphalt

  • 13:50 it’s literally my birthday I was so caught off guard

  • Just glue a magnet somewhere to store your key.

  • first time seeing his wife and she is absolutely gorgeus omg aaaaaaaaaaa

  • 11:16 wait until you forget about it and then cut the grass and send that key flying at Mach 1

  • The pants girl was Australian and paying her fine for existing in her country

  • This looks like experiments that kids would do.

  • The woman in the car looks like she’s been kidnapped.

  • I mean u can stick the key to the bottom of the mat w tape or sumn idfk

  • Awww. Y'all are so cute! Out your wifey in more vids!

  • 13:31 the best picture to ever exist on the internet

  • Yo but who has a poster of the dc metro rail in the back

  • Hows he married at 15?

  • This video is great, this couple is great, all these comments are great, thank you all

  • Imagine a super quick stop or car accident with a scarf around your face. It could break your neck.

  • When I first read the title I thought he was comparing life hacks to his wife

  • Knock knock Who’s there? Nuts

  • Amanda looks like older Anna Cramling

  • Thanks for the new pfp

  • The one in the car looked like a dead body 💀

  • Hey guy i love ur wife and her small pumpkin.

  • The bottle life vest actually works.. during the 2019 floods in Kerala, a lot of people used this to get to safety. It's not perfect.. but hey, it works.

  • For the ducktape sock thing, you can just put a plastic bag over your feet. Much easier still stupid... but people does do that.

  • 13:58 wow thanks guys, that was a nice rando surprise since it is actually my birthday. is it bad that i kinda want to try the key one? lol

  • At last my degree in fruit growing became useful! When you freeze apples, liquid inside the cells also freezes, forming crystals that tear cell walls, and after defrostation it is not contained within cells anymore and you're able to squeeze it out. However, that's obviously not the way juice is made industrially, electric juicers are blender-like Sorry for my English, not my first language

  • the fact that these were all taken from 5-minute hacks, the most useless and unsafe hacks channel, is funny

  • She should put a ring on it.

  • Yeah immediately looking at the egg one. All I see is bacteria growing in the inside of that spray nozzle

  • Love, Love, Love !!

  • You know what works great for stepping in puddles? Rubber boots, that's why they make them.

  • I expected a wife, not another Drew skit when he plays all the roles.

  • Oh hey, I have that same sock.

  • Amanda looks a lot like Cody Ko's girlfriend Kelsey

  • 8:04 why did life hacks balloon look like balls wtf?

  • I love how picture of hotdog is now stuck in my search history

  • Honestly his wife's orange picture turned out cute

  • Is that your sister? You two look like twins.

  • I had read the title wrong and thought it was ''Ranking life hacks with my terrible wife''"

  • I read it as "doing life hacks with my terrible wife" somehow...

  • So you basically have to give yourself a closed basket weave (sort of I know) to cross a puddle? nah. That being said what his wife did was pretty close to a heal lock. I'm impressed.

  • His wife looks way too similar to him

    • There is no wife. It's the usual Drew skit, where he plays all the roles, but extended.

  • 3:34 asmr be like:

  • His wife is cute I wonder if she's single

  • Whoa you have a wife? Where’d you get one?

  • Drew complaining to his wife about leaving the toilet seat down 😂 I’ve had a lot of friends that are girls that always yelled at me for leaving it up if I used their bathroom

    • that's the joke, that people complain about leaving the seat up. he just flipped it around.