I watched one SNL episode from every season

Publicado el 31 may 2021
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Saturday Night Live hasn't been funny since Moses left the show in 1400 BC.

00:00 - Intro
01:31 - 1975-1980
05:40 - 1980-1984
08:37 - 1985-1990
11:59 - 1990-1995
14:38 - 1995-2001
18:11 - 2001-2006
20:21 - 2006-2012
25:35 - 2013-2021
30:47 - Conclusion

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  • why does drew always do something no one asked for?

    • Funny, I was thinking the same thing about your comment

    • Hey! Edit your comment and write “oh hey I was pinned haha and thanks for 78k likes lol” !!

    • Because that's how success works

    • hgggggjjjjjjjb tjnv

    • Great job. I started watching in ‘’82 It has always been good, and it has always been bad.

  • Kyle and beck are the carriers of the modern era

  • Context helps with some of this. I remember watching that Matthew Broderick episode live; it was just a couple days after the FCC announced some changes in their 'acceptable content' rules. The one that hit the headlines was that the word 'penis' was no longer forbidden on broadcast television ... They had to have nearly finished writing the sketches for this episode, but when that news story reached the SNL writer's room, it had to be a 'stop the presses' moment. I have rarely laughed that hard at anything. Friday's newspaper: "FCC publishes new penis guidance" Saturday Night: "penis penis penis" FCC should've seen that coming ... eep! Phrasing!

  • how are you just not gonna include the iconic “mmhm whatcha say” sketch

  • I feel like another problem we have is, is the fact that we can go on ESmain and watch the funniest skits from each episode. I dont believe as many people are staying up to watch SNL. Especially when you have streaming apps where you can watch the episodes anyways.

  • You mentioned that its usually a pretty small % of the show thats good and thats exactly my biggest problem with snl, sometimes its really funny but i rarely find more than 1 sketch funny per episode and thats just not worth the time after every episode it feels like ive just started and its over and im unsatisfied, meanwhile i watch some country boys and not contry boys on youtube and im entertained the whole time and dont feel like an hour just disapeared into thin air

  • I liked this video so I'm commenting on it, thank

  • President Trump is the greatest President in history

  • This show was good but SCTV was the greatest

  • Agreed SNL was funnier back in the 90's now a days it's trash skits feels like underground news parody.

  • 18:36 damn Britney feet

  • Dude kyle’s ESmain channel fucks

  • THANK YOU, basically what i've been saying this whole time..doesn't mean you grew up with it, also means its better..90s kids and slowly the early 2000s kids have this kind of blind nostalgia on things they grew up with

  • I honestly never watched Saturday night television. Because I was watching my VHS of record tv that night.

  • 25:38 “And then I realize, it’s been like 9 years already ”

  • So, that 1978 episode with Carrie Fisher? That was transmitted on the night of my bar mitzvah. I didn't see the show, except, I wandered out to the front of the place where the valet parking guys were watching it on a small TV. I caught a few seconds of that beach party movie parody. Somebody asked what it was, and I mistakenly said it was the Star Wars Holiday Special, which I believe had aired that same week. Thought it was a rerun.

  • I really liked the high school musical one

  • Rest in peace Norm Macdonald

    • @GGgammerr realo he was a comedian and he used to do the weekend update on snl, he died on the 14th of September due to cancer at 61.

    • Who

  • Hmmm

  • as someone who hasn't watched SNL, this video was really interesting and informative! Now i actually want to look into it and see if i can see what you see in it.

  • Better put some respect on Shelly's name!

  • Sooo, essentially it's always been trash with a handful of decent sketches?

  • Never let it be forgotten, young Carrie Fisher is, and always will be... a generational dime piece...RIP Queen...

  • Good stuff bud

  • For some reason felt like coming back here after old Normie died. R.I.P. to the absolute GOAT.

  • The problem is when people like Jimmy Fallon started breaking character and laughing at every skit,, now it seems like none of the cast can never stop laughing

    • Show me one clip of kenan Thompson breaking character.

  • add an A and an I in between the N and L🐌

  • 31:27 "An quote re- tweeted into Oblivion" *shows Grimes* _I see what you did there_

  • Rest in peace, Norm

  • I saw Bobby Moynihan in the toy aisle of a Target one time and I was really cool about it until I wrote this comment!

  • Wow I watched this video an hour before the death of Norm McDonald was announced. RIP

  • I can't believe Kristen Wiig didn't even get mentioned on this video! She's one of the best.

  • 12:44 he's talking about Adam Sandler like Adams name is David spade. All of those that he said about Adam are untrue but they could apply to David Spade Aside from Joe Dirt! Lol

  • Solid.

  • Can’t believe no comments on Amy Poehler 😶‍🌫️

  • The mid 80s - the 90s were my favorite time.

  • My only major gripe with modern SNL was the sheer frequency they’d bring Alec Baldwin on to do an ever-less funny Trump skit. It was good at first, but 3+ years into the same thing and I was just tired of it. Same issue plaguing late night talk show hosts, like Colbert.

  • Man, Drew Gooden hasn’t been good since the 90s.

  • why would i listen to this white dude talk for 37 mins? its like he thinks hes drew gooden or somethin

  • I will say I was a teenager in the 2010’s, but my favourite era was from the 2000s. Though that is not to say that I didn’t like the 2010’s because I definitely watched way more of the 2010’s show than the 2000s seasons

  • how could you not talk about Adam driver.

  • ted nivison shirt 👍

  • Funny

  • thx

  • This radiates so much like no hates this more than the actual fandom/fans.

  • Honestly I liked the Luigi court case, but I’m a teenager, so this is my time to say I like the show.

  • Honestly I thought the show was best when OJ hosted it, he freaking killed it

  • shirt say milk

  • My fav era is the Kirsten Wiig one, I just love her. But I like the current cast also, I think they are very talented. Bowen Yang is so funny and charismatic, his sketch with the iceberg is one of my all-time favs.

  • Don’t forget my boy David S pumpkins!

  • this is one of my favorite episode

  • I loved this video so much

  • Youuu suck…

  • I think the reason why everyone seems to enjoy SNL when they were teenagers is because most of them didn't understand politics and then as you get older you start to understand politics more and more and then it just becomes annoying

  • I don't get the SNL hate. It's always been a mixture of good and bad sketches. Plus, there's still usually a couple great and likely classic sketches that come out of every season even if most suck

  • I know everybody makes five feet so much and part of me knows I should not have any realistic physical attraction to him but I choose to ignore that.. but God damn it that we can update skit he did John about the mule almost made me choke to death laughing. Additionally when they got back to him during one of the first impressions kids and Pete Davidson was referred to as if the meth from breaking bad were a person was beautiful


  • snl funny

  • I used to think that SNL hasn't been funny for years. However, I went back and watched a few old episodes again and realized it was never funny. They had some moments that were somewhat passable. * "the whiners" the blueprint for millennials and leftists everywhere

  • Close encounter sketch hilarious

  • Drew really did Joe Piscapo dirty

  • I mean I've always hated Will Farell and Adamn Sansler

  • To be fair, Titey looks like a better movie than Titanic The Legend Goes On, but that's not a very high bar to cross

  • 90s and early 2000s were the funniest for me. Celebrity Jeapardy was the best.

  • I agree. It’s just an ok show but a lot of people want to think of it has something great because it’s where their favorite comedian started out.

  • I agree the 90s were awesome for snl

  • This was great :)

  • People who say "SNL hasn't been funny since xxx" are usually trumptards who claim they hate "sensitive snowflakes" but the reason they hate SNL is because it makes fun of conservatism

  • Super weird that you didn't talk about Maya Rudolph or Kristin Wiig in the entire episode...

  • Now that I've watched the all video I can admit that I've never watched a single episodes of SNL! Still super entertaining video!

  • I’ve spent more time watching this video than I had actually watching SNL over the last 15 years.

  • The 90s stars showing up for guest appearances and the musical star is only reason it’s going.

  • Early 2000s

  • I loved all the political snl impressions

  • Really🙃 nothing SNL produced has been good since the nineties?!

  • Put some respect on Colin's name

  • Maybe watch the best regarded sketches from each season - less random, less pointless

  • Watch the killer bees sketch - until the final "village" speech, nobody is reading cue cards. Lazy reliance on cue cards has ruined SNL

  • If you like Steve Martin, check out Only Murders in the Building

  • 4:39 This episode clearly gave George Lucas an idea for Return of the Jedi...

  • can you watch every mtv vma award show

  • WOW

  • snl has always had that one cast member that carried the show imo

  • The point when SNL stopped being funny is whenever the person saying that sentence graduated college.

    • I feel this is truly insightful actually. Most people tend to exist predominantly in their own world, and so as they grow older and perceive certain media differently, rather than examining their own change and self actualization, they try and attach an air of objectivity to their new found perspectives. It is part of growing up, but damn it can be frustrating to watch people become so steeped in it that they become inscrutable

  • I believe the amount of good sketches that have been made have dwindled

  • Snl now is just recycled Twitter jokes

  • Love the video! It was very well made!

  • Thanks for the content!

  • I’ve been on SNL. I was a baby though, it was “baby spanks” lol

  • Really late to the party but want to put my 2 cents in.... SNL today feels like ESPN today, stale and try to latch onto something they use to be. Why would I sit and watch a whole SNL episode or ESPN segment when I could watch TikTok or ESmain that has the same punch for less time. It's just the change on the times, I'd rather sit and watch Drew then watch SNL hoping a whole sketch will make me laugh

  • What’s up Broski 🦋🦋🦋

  • I'm sure the real playas would say it stopped being good in the 80s.

  • facts, show has always been trash. ms swan shits on snl

  • No mention of andy samberg

  • I thought Blue origin were the ones who made the self-exposing spacecraft, and Spacex made the self landing ones? Because the Bozos one looks like an exhibitionist made it

  • you should compare it to mad TV and then you would get it

  • It DID get more political, in that you'd get at least one episode EVERY WEEK!

  • Could not stand Chris Cataan!

  • Way too much much Farley love. Literally every sketch with him was just making fun of his weight.

  • No love for Belushi nor Radner? That's a sin. Belushi doing Little Chocolate Doughtnuts was hilarious.