I bought every weird ad I saw for a month

Publicado el 24 ago 2021
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there is nothing I am better at than wasting money.

00:00 - intro
00:32 - buying
10:55 - trying
25:45 - ranking
30:01 - last 1 second of video

music used:
last dinosaurs - italo disco
gabriel gundacker - wii snorkeling
gabriel gundacker - wii volleyball
gabriel gundacker - wii jogging
gabriel gundacker - wii windsurfing

hot dog? hot dog:


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  • Drew, you’ve hit rock bottom.

    • @Pringle on the floor THATS A CHEETO

    • The picture in the background constantly changes it’s so funny

    • Agiqn

    • Well the good part about hitting rock bottom is that the only way left to go is UP!

    • Guessed you missed the part where he JOINED THE NBA

  • wait until this guy finds out about the spike mat (except its actually good lmao) its a rubber mat with spikes on that you lay on and it releives back pain somehow lol

  • This guy is exactly like Jeff winger from community lmao

  • Is this “road work ahead-I sure hope it does”?

  • Drew : talking about how he didn't like the cereal Me : still upset that he didn't eat the big clump of dry cereal Dry cereal is best change my mind 😤🤚

  • I take your review AS GOSPEL

  • Happy birthday drew!

  • Lets go ted ginn jr

  • “I’m not lying awake at night obsessed with belts” That could be interpreted differently

  • In some parts this has very high Phil and Luke energy ...in others it has a little Seinfeld

  • Am I the only one freaking out when I heard last dinosaurs @:28

  • Drew wearing a nfl shirt for a nba skit was like the funniest thing for me

  • You know that when cereal is clustered together you just break it apart. It’s not like it does that for some decomposition reason

  • I was hoping that you were going to actually use Gatorade in your cereal.

  • Nice Joel Haver shirt :)

  • ”I’m not leaving the house with this” people who experience chronic pain would love to have something small with them on trips to ease the pain

  • As a materials engineer I'd also like to point out that 'aerospace grade aluminium' is literally just marketing jargon. Not like that should come as much of a surprise to anyone. Just to add, there are multiple hundreds of different types of aluminium alloys and many of the elements you add to strengthen them for applications like aerospace are extremely inefficient when the product you're using the alloy for is under whatever force you need to keep your pants on. Like why would you use titanium in a belt buckle.

  • 6:05 Ha, that's funny. I did an ad read for them back when I made a podcast.

  • Takis are seriously intense but does this belt approved to be "military tough" by wanna-be army man and tank operator Nick Bolton?

  • What the f did I just watched 😫

  • Almond milk pride 😤💕

  • I bought the lint remover, and it's pretty good.

  • Love your vids and love how you listen to Last Dinosaur

  • thumbs for shoes matching the backpack!

  • Lol @ him dunking on the YT ad-daddy Magic Spoon.

  • Honestly the belt looked good

  • This video has no right to be this funny

  • This guy 100% completed the NBA

  • The 'posture corrector' keeps ur neck down. Thats SOOOOOOO bad.

  • I followed when he offered us to eat along i was like awh xD

  • Wow happy birthday Drew

  • Hey guy

  • Posture corrector works (idk if that works, but I have a really good experience with one (chiropractor included)).

  • 8:49 cmon how they're gonna flak on the "weird bird mascot" when they're using the soulless corporate artstyle lol

  • Omg this is a knock off Danny Gonzalez

  • OK OK youtube algorithm i’ll watch it

  • Happy birthday drew! Also happy early birthday for tomorrow! Sorry I could not get you a give for your birthday yesterday! I will tomorrow!!!

  • I regularly do a keto or low carb diet and I’m sure the indescribable flavor is the sweetener (the comments say it’s stevia which is my least favorite sweetener by taste). I’ve learned that doing a mix of sweeteners (Splenda, stevia, and monk fruit or allulose) in equal parts pretty much completely nixes the funky aftertaste. I wonder why the people who make these sugar free things haven’t done so themselves.

  • Okay as funny as that was I’m actually a bit of a grip 6 supporter😅 I honestly love the belt I got from them and I’ve worn it for over a year. It was a little weird to get used to but it works so well and once you get the hang of how the buckle grips to the belt, it feels super natural. I get that it’s not for everyone but coming from someone who’s always been annoyed with the extra tail off a belt, I absolutely love the product.

  • swallow magic spoon whole so no taste 1🤗

  • You sound like John Mulaney.

  • I have the lint-rollers, I honestly love them but you have to be really careful if you use them on knit fabrics

  • The shamwow guy getting shittier and shittier made my day

  • he has the same voice as kurtis conner

  • I used to work for Netflix we block VPNs so you can definitely try but when your whole Netflix crashes and you have to do the shame call to Netflix to fix it. Don't complain lol

  • The load capacity on the belt is actually a feature. It's made strong, so you can hang yourself on it, no matter how phat you are.

  • tf I randomly found the carpet cleaner thing at the store and payed 3 bucks. are you doing ok, drew?

  • Happy birthday Drew

  • Thats 99.99 which means 100 not 99

  • A very merry unbirthday to you!

  • As someone with a product out there in the marketplace (books), I feel bad for the people who made these products. Drew and probably a few of his viewers bought these products ironically, specifically to mock them. And the sellers probably saw a sudden uptick in sales and were like "It's finally happening. My dream is coming true." They probably went in to work and quit their job, maybe looked online for a Caribbean cruise. When really a popular ESmainr was just using their product to get views by shitting all over it.

  • is it just me or is that backpack like fucking awful?? 😭😭 it’s not just a standard backpack for $140, it’s significantly worse than a backpack from 5below for $140 😭

  • Bet your gonna use cows milk!

  • You being in the NBA was a priceless joke and I have to say under-appreciated by the folk down here in these comments.

  • “You left the door open?”

  • 16:16 why do u look like captain america here

  • Rasher is a dolphins fan.

  • I need to know where you grocery shop.

  • I heard John melaneys voice and now I can't unhear

  • I just realized that you kind of sound like John Mulaney. So yeah…. That’s my comment

  • Maybe the aftertaste of the cereal might b monkfruit. I don’t like the aftertaste.

  • the guy on the tv got more abstract as the video went on LMAO

  • It's just a duffel bag with two straps so you can wear it as a backpack

  • @20:42 I saw disgust then at 20:44 I saw hope and 20:51 it was down right disappointment 😭😂

  • My man Vince just slowly getting worse quality in the background😔

  • So no one's gonna talk about the Shamwow guy in the background that slowly declines in quality as the video progresses?

  • I did both like and subscribe

  • Drew would rather sit on the floor than the moonpod. That's sad.

  • why is no one talking about how the drawing behind him gets progressively worse throughout the video

  • Happy birthday.

  • my back is so bad i often have to sleep with a posture corrector on. Yes i'm only 21.

  • Drew is slowly becoming an unboxing review channel and I love it

  • Aw I love that u used Gabe Gundacker’s wii music & credited him

  • This needs to be a recurring series.

  • Yeah I'm sorry but I'm gonna have to ignore his review on the magic spoon cereal 🤡

  • You’re filling an Idubbbz shaped hole in ESmain

  • Bear Button Balls

  • What you are tasting is erithritol in the cereal. It gives it a sweetness without sugar. If you aren’t used to erithritol than it’ll be weird to you.

  • "Bare button balls!" 🤣🤣🤣

  • Me, who bought the Babboontothemoon go bag, when danny said “This is easily the dumbest product yet.” 😳😳

  • With the discount on the uproot cleaner, apparently “discounting” a product upfront when releasing a product to motivate people to buy it is illegal in like the UK and Australia.

  • No hate but just an idea, if you buy food you don’t like, maybe you could try to donate it or just give it to someone else :)

  • watching this while stricken with food poisoning

  • I guarantee the duffel bag ppl are just as surprised you’re willing to buy it as they are.

  • The shamwow art in the background just made me realize... It has the word "sham" in it. We were told it's a sham and we still bought it. Wow

  • LMAOO when you said "for some reason -" it immediately skipped to the Dear Evan Hanson trailer starting off like "you're alone on your own" and that caught me off guard so much 💀

  • He's made a lot of money from them belts

  • the posture corrector is like $5 on amazon

  • If Kurtis Connor and John Mulaney had a child

  • One time I ate at what was “the second best pizza place in the world” and I was starving I ate the pizza and lost my appetite. While starving. Yeah.

  • This guy is like if Danny Gonzalez and Scott the woz had a baby

  • Oh wow WHO wouldve guessed that THE PROTEIN CEREAL TASTE LIKE SHIT?? Come on now man

  • I own cows and they dont mind me drinking cows milk

  • Anybody else see the picture in the background?

  • Grip 6 is actually a pretty good belt 👍

  • Stop spam

  • If you ever want a good, one-pocket backpack that actually works and is high quality, get a Cotopaxi. They’re fantastic quality in my experience and that baboon company kinda just looks like a ripoff of them lol

  • i knew the gabriel gundacker music immediately

  • Having tasted Magic Spoon cereal I can vouch for Danny’s description of it

  • I only watch this video when I’m high