Ellen's Fall from Grace

Publicado el 22 ago 2020
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  • ellen more like ellen

  • The celebrities defending Ellen is hilarious. Of course she's going to be nice to you, you're a celebrity. You're her "kind" . She's not going to treat you nicely if u were not wealthy or just a normal person. She can be nice to you bcs you're in the same "status" as her but be a bitch to her non celebs. Doesn't make her a good person either. The fact that she has power and uses it wrongly is disgusting. Not a diva, just a horrible being

  • And now she has her own cartoon on HBO Max… getting strong Lil Bill vibes here.

  • the abuse of power comes as no surprise

  • Ellen's always been sarcastically rude to her guest. Just watch her interview with the magician who won America's Got Talent.

  • when Supern went to ellen and when she asked them if they were dating anyone Mark Lee he called her out 😩 king behavior

  • Naw bubba, that segment of the young people and the old stuff cracks me up. I'm 17, and I can use a map and a rotary phone. It's not that hard to figure out.

  • What a b*tch, that painting was pretty good. Plus the way she talked to that translator, just awful.

  • ellen,more like hell em

  • Im speaking about the defending your friend when they're clearly in the wrong: Ok so I've had an experience like the so everyday at school this girl would make fun of me for the food I mixed like mashed potatoes and bread and so on well I told my friend who is really good friends with the Burbank would make fun of me and this is what she said (something along the lines of) " I would really like if you didn't fight with her since she i s my bestest friend. " Ok so I was like Ok whatever but what I'm thinking is that you have to realize if your friend is in the wrong like if your friend was bullying your other friend for a year and you knew about it you should talk to both your friends. Thanks for reading sorry it was so long! 💖💖

  • While a good video, I ONLY hit the like button because of A Lot Like Birds. I respect good music tastes

  • Never liked Ellen. Never understood her appeal. So I’m not surprised she’s a jerk 😄

  • i actually cringe at this video, ellen is so awful

  • Almost immediately after the jeff bezos line i got an amazon ad

  • Love the way you're wearing a Kidz Bop Shirt

  • I always hated how whenever handsome guys came on the show, she just found 10 ways to show the audience his shirtless pictures

  • Ugh Ellen is the literal embodiment of "ok boomer". I don't like her.

  • The Mariah Carey one seems a bit of a stretch it came off as super staged.

  • that is a very nice haircut

  • idk.....ik this isn't smthng wrong but maybe I didn't expect drew to be doing a video like this. Like I recently knew danny, drew and curtis and felt that these guys make enjoyable-light-hearted fun videos , they really really do, but this one's different. Like irrespective of whether the content shown in the video is true/false it's definitely not (what-i-thought-his-type-of-videos-are-like-kind-of-)funny, atleast to me. Anyways it doesn't matter, just wanted to say it out.

  • Wow, man. This is right on. You’re pointing out a lot of unkind behavior that many of us laughed off. This is eye opening!

  • Peebis

  • even some billionaires are terrible people...just because you have money DOESN'T MAKE YOU INNOCENT OR BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE, it just allows you more chances then everyone else & if you fuck up everyone holds their hands out, gets paid & allows her to go do it again

  • Why does your shirt say kids bop?

  • The boomers had everything handed to them & lived in the best financial status era that ever existed in this country. They're grown brats that have screwed up, or destroyed everything good & are probably the first generation that didn't improve anything on purpose. The only ones they like are other boomers who agree with them.

  • I never liked Ellen tbh, there was just something in her that was always annoying to me

  • "Be kind to the world"..."not your employees" Is a pretty delusional sentence.

  • ellen (derogatory)

  • What I wouldn't give to see the young angry Henry Rollins on ellen's show and see her try put him on the spot

  • Ok you said not to say anything about the hair but ngl, looks good, she has talent lol

  • if anyone has VPN and likes the Office, all nine seasons of the Office are available on Australian Netflix

  • In a way I understood the situation that the Chinese translator was in. When my sister was in elementary I would have to translate for my mother since she doesn’t know much English. And the teacher would tell me “Are you sure that you told her everything cause it seemed a bit short” I feel like some people need to understand that some words in English can be longer or shorter in other languages

  • It's just Eric Andre show with no sarcasm

  • “big ol’ meanie” DAMN 😭

  • DeGenerous like de like de like opposite! So opposite of generous.


  • Did anyone else notice how bad Drew’s haircut is?

  • When Ellen asked the girl if she knew what a clock is she should have just been like “‘no”


  • Man what’s so bad about the painting

  • @Drew : You left out 1 very important thing about Ellen he's a Transgendered male to female and his wife is Questionable also' Oh and as the date of this video airing, Ellen was at Gitmo for child sex trafficking' Crimes against Humanity' Opera was there like a Ho that she is, or he is also' Not even sure about that one either' just do your research and you'll see them at Epstein's place of forbidden fruit, : babies " May God strike them all DEAD where they stand' repeating what is already published YT' don't condone there actions, through the use of Censorship !

  • Are u the road work ahead dude??

  • "no that cant be right" was so scarily funny

  • And everyone wondered why I never liked that bish...

  • Halfway trhough the video I could not unsee the slight "batman tan" Drew has around his mouth. Like if batman wore his mask in the day. Or like a reverse n95 mask tan where the part covered by the mask got tan instead. I dunno, maybe my eyes playing tricks on me.

  • Is it just me or is the Express VPN logo on the shirt just ... a little uncomfortably high up. almost as if .. it's printed in such a way to be framed well in yt videos


  • In the beginning she exuded an enlightened gay buddha vibe - now it's all creepy John Malkovich . I love John, but not as a gendered dysphoric talk show host. Celebrity and money.

  • I don’t think the millennial jokes are actually mean I thought it was okay it’s just different generations laughing at each other however the worst thing I’ve seen her do was throw cakes in people’s faces ,who didn’t consent to that before, with Jennifer Aniston. when it her pushing celebrities I think that most journalists try to go to certain lengths to get a scoop I see that being done a lot where I’m from also the celebrities don’t seem to mind that like the Mariah incident was really unfortunate but she kept going back to the show so there’s not much bad blood there I guess also Taylor swift who almost cried in a segment about her exes yet kept going back. but the most irritating thing to me about her is that after awhile of doing the show she got really out of touch with everyone and started making really incentive jokes like the painting one but also I got tried of the whole she’s friends with celebrities and she’s always texting Michelle Obama and Oprah and everyone I just got bored of that plus it didn’t help that she was friends with president Bush to me it just made her feel like a social climber as if she doesn’t mind what the person did even if it goes against causes that she fought for in the past just to say that she’s friends with a president . And I think that a person who’s really similar to her but people still disagree is graham Norton he’s so much finnier than her and really much better at interviewing celebrities but man is he mean to both people in the crowd and people on the red chair ( I know that they are meant to be jokes but he acts like celebrities are gods and the audience shouldn’t touch them) I only say that because I’ve seen pretty much every show he made.

  • I love how howard stern of all ppl was the one defended her, like one asshole to another

  • Low key the weed industry is the same way

  • I mean, I understand why ellen would be upset that she served her and porsha at brunch. I wouldnt be happy if i had to eat myself and my other half in one sitting :)

  • I always knew Ellen was evil when I saw her show

  • I thought this was a kurtis video-

  • Hey, just popping in to say great choice of music for the outro and now I have new good music to listen to

  • Mariah Carey went through absolute hell with that miscarriage. So much worse than the heartbreak and trauma it already would have been.

  • With celebrities like tosh you just expect him to be a dick because that's kind of his whole thing, but with someone like Ellen it was all a lie, don't lie to me and shit will be gravy

  • How would Jay Leno know what it's like to work for Ellen? Totally irrelevant weigh in on his part. And a pretty flimsy PR attempt to save face.

  • ESmain algorithm just replayed this rerun for me and I'm glad it did so I could appreciate the Kidz Bop shirt he's wearing. 😂

  • What an a u f u l person

    • @Jewish Jeff what a presumptive person, hope yous have a good day my guy

  • Don't know how you came up in my algorithm, but this is some really funny stuff, keep it up.

  • I'm literally Asian and the translator was speaking perfectly😤😤😤 it's got me so heated

  • Shout out to the 50 shades of Grey chick for sorta standing up to evil Ellen

  • I have never watched Ellen, but based on those clips, she behaved like a real arsenugget to her guests. Good riddance.

    • @Jewish Jeff What a clever little troll you are.

  • I don't know what was wrong with the painting either.

  • i am an og fan of scott cramer, thanks for shouting him out

  • I called this shit the second I saw Ellen. She seemed fake day one

  • Ellen DeGenerate

  • This just seems like the film & TV industry

  • Be wary about people who talk a lot about good deeds and kindness. Our brain has this weird tendency to think talking about something is the same as doing something. People who talk up kindness genuinely feel like that's the same as being kind, so there's no need to put in anymore effort. I mean, seriously, listen to her tone. The words are right but it has all the warmth of dry ice and the vibe of an undetected serial killer at a community meeting. She comes across as so fucking witchy that I can't help but wonder if shitty underhanded comments and manipulation pushed Portia to go cosmetic sx on her beautiful face. I can't explain why, but I have this vivid future image of recently divorced Ellen and newly 'coming out' Rachael Hollis hooking up to become the worst couple on every cruise.

  • Is everybody gonna forget about how she treated BTS?

  • elln

  • Good info, finland say hello.

  • 0:59 there's this Argentinian ESmainr who has a segment called "Sorry, Centennials", in which he describes old devices, TV shows and general culture in a really fun, down to earth manner to "Centennials". Not exclusively, obviously, but that's the ethos behind it. He doesn't take them for granted, act entitled or bully them into thinking "everything was better back then and now it's all wrong and stupid and I'm dogmatically right", but rather he tries to explain what were things when he was young ['80s and 90's in Argentina... Which were quite the thing on their own...], how did they affect the idiosyncrasy in his country and how he felt about them if they ever made an impression on him. Then... There's Ellen, who bullies teenagers into thinking they are useless and get the applause from menopausic Karens who loosely dye their hair blonde but their hair root has gone black.

    • "Then... There's Ellen, who bullies teenagers ... and get the applause from menopausic Karens who loosely dye their hair blond... " Lmao! Your comment had me dead! 😂

  • I was gonna watch again but

  • I like ya cut gee

  • Ellen’s show has always bothered me so much.

  • 5:00 the translator repeated a phrase, so that the context of the final question would be clearer (e.g. "now that you've learned how to play the guitar..."), since she's not sure how much the boy understood from Ellen. What a sh*t host.

  • Yall one time Ellen was interviewing BTS and she wouldn’t stop asking them if they’ve ever hooked up with a fan. That shit can get them fired from their company. Some of these stans are weird asf ab them dating people and when they didn’t answer her she just wouldn’t drop the damn subject.

    • @Jewish Jeff also why were you so hostile ab this. Even if it couldn’t get them fired it’s still super weird to keep pushing someone about that if they don’t want to talk ab it. Why out of thousands of comments did you decide to be a smartass on mine

    • @Jewish Jeff Two kpop stars named HyunA and Dawn were fired from their companies for dating. Whenever any kpop star is found out to be dating it is labeled a scandal. Also big companies like JYP have dating bans for a few years after and idol debuts. There are many more instances of kpop idols being removed from their groups or companies after they are found to be dating.

  • adults: Haha they cant do this thing that I can because I didn't teach them to kids are so stupid these days also adults: How do I install the facebook

  • this vid made me hate a person ive never ever heard of before, thank you

  • my 7 year old son knows how to do these things tf is up with teenagers

  • Ellen is fucking horrible. My god those poor Chinese kids............

  • don’t forget when she made taylor swift cry on her show and was making fun of her dating history/exes when she was clearly uncomfortable with it

  • She was a awful comedian in the 90s and shitier person in the 2000s

  • And since your generation hates cable TV why do you care?

  • Ellen may miss conduct but those shows do preinterviews. So the guests more than likely agree to the bits. It sounds like she treats her crew the same as Conan. If she filmed it the way he does she would be blamed for stealing Conan’s bits. Once again women can’t do what men do. Especially if they are gay.

    • dug deep to pull that out of your ass huh? none of this is about her being a gay woman, but ok.

  • Guess what, it's a year later and we're still in lockdown. FUN.

  • Wait u dont know how to duplicate more sperms in the ocean lol so bad hahahaha

  • I need to talk abt the worst one I've seen,, the one where Ellen made Taylor Swift cry??? That was horrific, Taylor was literally doing everything to not break down and then Ellen pushed her over the edge

  • good haircut

  • The portrait artist should have Ellen attempt to paint a self portrait and roast her the whole time on national television

  • I like to think that this video was a huge ad for the Make Erik Ellen petition

  • tell everyone i like you 👁👁… please..

  • Eric is like Ellen's facade in real life and vice versa

  • The Ellen degenerate show

  • Ellen Degenerate

  • “Well try folding a map!” Hehe tri-folding a map hehehhhe

  • ellen more like fallen

  • ellen, your karen is showing