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17:24The D'amelio Show confuses me
The D'amelio Show confuses meVistas 2,5 MHace un día
14:19The Guy Who Broke 2 Game Shows
The Guy Who Broke 2 Game ShowsVistas 1,8 MHace 14 días
30:03I bought every weird ad I saw for a month
14:29I'm Tired of Getting Scammed
I'm Tired of Getting ScammedVistas 2,4 MHace 2 meses
37:36I watched one SNL episode from every season
19:36The Terrible Tik Tok Reality Show
The Terrible Tik Tok Reality ShowVistas 3,6 MHace 3 meses
16:14Why Does Pepsi Have a Game Show?
Why Does Pepsi Have a Game Show?Vistas 2,4 MHace 5 meses
17:56MTV's Most Awkward Show
MTV's Most Awkward ShowVistas 3,2 MHace 6 meses
20:53Snapchat is so dumb
Snapchat is so dumbVistas 3,4 MHace 6 meses
12:34Rich People Have Bad Taste
Rich People Have Bad TasteVistas 4,6 MHace 7 meses
18:31Let's Leave Pranks in 2020
Let's Leave Pranks in 2020Vistas 3,3 MHace 8 meses
18:28Netflix's Awful Christmas Movies
Netflix's Awful Christmas MoviesVistas 3,1 MHace 9 meses
14:00Delivery Apps Screw Over Everyone
Delivery Apps Screw Over EveryoneVistas 2,7 MHace 9 meses
18:57My New Favorite Bad Movie
My New Favorite Bad MovieVistas 3,9 MHace 9 meses
15:01The 90s Guide to the Internet
The 90s Guide to the InternetVistas 2 MHace 10 meses
14:37Learning What Love Is
Learning What Love IsVistas 2,2 MHace 10 meses
24:23Television is a Confusing, Expensive Mess
16:03Ranking Terrible Life Hacks with My Wife
15:09The Most Epic Movie Ever Made
The Most Epic Movie Ever MadeVistas 2,4 MHace 11 meses
13:09Gender Reveal Parties
Gender Reveal PartiesVistas 3,3 MHace un año
17:39The Death of Laugh Tracks
The Death of Laugh TracksVistas 3,4 MHace un año
18:23Ellen's Fall from Grace
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13:49The Best and Worst Games on PS Now
The Best and Worst Games on PS NowVistas 1,9 MHace un año


  • Man...what a fucking piece of shit movie I love the internet.

  • This man has the most 1980's "smirk and head jiggle" when he's correct.

  • Why do you have two?

  • That motivational speech felt extra motivational with Drew wearing his "do it" shirt

  • that went from haha tiktok person on Hulu!🤣 to oh.... tiktok person on hulu 😦

  • solid ad placement ! fr i like ur style.. im not buying it cause honestly i just suck at life :\ :)

  • I dont feel bad the De milio chicks or however you spell it, yes drew sites a whole bunch of obstacles they will face, big and scary ones, but you know why you shouldn't feel bad? Because whatever negative mistake they make, it wont be as detrimental to them, they would have to go full Lindsey Lohan to burn it all down, they could go half, even three quarters, but hell it takes some fucking effort to go full lindsey, and if they do get that bad, the repercussions STILL wont be as bad as some random non famous person losing there shit and going off the rails into a midlife crisis, they would instead benefit financially a least a little bit even from fucking around so much, life granted them luck, lucky they will be, darwin's law still stands but its quite hard to see from their sellable15 million dollar home. They'll fun on the emotional rollercoaster, they never have to wait in line, and the conductor slows it down for em at the scary parts, yeah i dont care.

  • 1+1=408

  • 0:05 Katara trying to learn water bending in the beginning of the show

  • I gotta say I didnt expect it at all, actually, I expected the opposite, but Dixies new song psycho is actually very good.

  • Okay, so take any number. Now take the amount of letters in that number. and however many letters you got, repeat step one. Now, make sure you are listening for this one because it is important: repeat step one again. Okay, we are almost at the end. Now, I just want you to repeat step one 2 more times. Okay, moment of truth... 4. be sure to like

    • sorry my grammar/punctuation was horrible

  • The first game show John looks like he's a clone of the host.

  • Hey I just realized if you go to 13:08 the photo of that girl is on the cover of this murder board game unsolved files how come there is no copyright issues from the board game company?

  • Why are Kurtis and Danny wiping their mouths when drew comes back

  • i really lolled hard when he said among us am i right guys?? sussy!!!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Okay but I entirely believed that car crash happened and I was like oh holy shit that's actually an interesting plot point

  • Getting too famous too fast when u maybe didn't even want to be famous. Like u made some tiktoks. Maybe u just wanted to finish school and get an office job

  • Drew wearing a nfl shirt for a nba skit was like the funniest thing for me

  • at about 5:00 kinda started to remind me of sarah lynn

  • "Kim, there's people that are dying." What the actual fuck that's so funny


  • I hate humans for making people like them famous ! kinda feel sorry for them like I would rather have less money than be so fucking dumb .

  • What a waste of fuckin’ skin.

  • Very good video. You are so smart.

  • You know that when cereal is clustered together you just break it apart. It’s not like it does that for some decomposition reason

  • when people were getting mad at charli and dixie for being picky eaters was like "thank fucking god I'm not a celebrity."

  • Dixies hotter than charli

  • Lmaooooo I got a hooked ad on this video

  • This show could've been just an Instagram account and that account could've been a thought. Yeah, should've just been a thought.

  • every time I come back to this video I think of that movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger with basically the same plot as mama boy like he just Has A Baby

  • Some seem to forget that the armidillos got famous from stealing the renegade from a black tik toker and it SHOWS

  • 17:23 Social media has not democratized fame for the every day person. There are still marginalized groups on social media - they are under-represented and underpaid. They have better content but the algorithm does not make them famous.

  • I really enjoyed this. You can always count on Drew to not punch down. This is a much more nuanced take then you would expect on ESmain.

  • I accidentally caight a promo where the family speaks about putting everything on the line as a family. No ... no pressure there..

  • $299 for the MoonPod’s a steal, Drew! I mean, that’s $100 per function, minus $1!

  • *TL;DR: Some of y’all need to get over yourselves lol* I saw some comment say that “they’re soft”. No shit. One is 17, the other is like 19. I’m pretty sure neither of them expected to get famous over night, nor get so much hate from people online. And you can always say, “It’s the internet, what do you expect”, but they’re teens. They don’t know what to expect. They don’t know any better compared to those grown ass adults pressuring them to do crap for millions of people. Stop blaming these kids. It’s not their fault they got famous, it never was. It’s not their fault they get hate, it never will be. Even if they weren’t kids, it’d still be fucked up and wrong. Being on the internet doesn’t automatically make you emotionless. It’s not even the same as “Just turn off your screen”, because they probably face it in person, just like how they face the paparazzi. I know the mfs saying “they’re soft” wouldn’t be able to handle all this attention at a young age. I’m not saying they should be affected by every little thing, because honestly, they shouldn’t. If they’re going to continue this career, they’ll have to get use to it, and just accept the fact that’s there’s gonna be bad people. But that’s just what makes this hard. Some of y’all ain’t realizing how overwhelming this is, and others are choosing to stay ignorant and it’s just plain annoying. Also, a question for the people saying “they’re [the sisters] rich”: Do you seriously think that ALL the money the D’amelio sisters make from their content actually belongs to them? sorry for the essay

  • he be so wise

  • I actually kind of feel bad for Damelio, she clearly doesn't want to do any of the things they have planned, but they make it seem like it's in her best interests, as if she doesn't already make enough money, when of course, they're just doing all of these things to make money for themselves

  • One of your best videos. Really well said, a little empathy and compassion goes a long way.

  • Context helps with some of this. I remember watching that Matthew Broderick episode live; it was just a couple days after the FCC announced some changes in their 'acceptable content' rules. The one that hit the headlines was that the word 'penis' was no longer forbidden on broadcast television ... They had to have nearly finished writing the sketches for this episode, but when that news story reached the SNL writer's room, it had to be a 'stop the presses' moment. I have rarely laughed that hard at anything. Friday's newspaper: "FCC publishes new penis guidance" Saturday Night: "penis penis penis" FCC should've seen that coming ... eep! Phrasing!

  • was the person mixing the audio deaf i cant im dying

  • Omg! Grand parents do have a freezer in their garages:o

  • you might as well use starlink as your internet service provider if you have unreliable internet its probably cheaper then the fees they're trying to make you pay as well as an internet bill

  • Omg Chinese people can't do magic😮😮😮

  • Happy one year anniversary for this video 🥳🥳🥳

  • Yeah dude Managers always seemed Sus as fuck IMO, never really liked the concept too much

  • i love how he realizes it base doff of the dog ad not the person who was supposed to be his mom

  • WHY ARE GIRLS ALWAYS EMPHASIZING THEIR S’s? It’s gotten to a point where they’ll literally add the letter s to words or literally pronounce the letter X, Z or even CH as an S……… IT’S ANNOYING! Please for the love of God, STOP, it’s not cute!

  • Just to add on to the singing bit, when you're learning, it's ROUGH sometimes. Sometimes you screech, sometimes you crack, or a note just can't come out. I remember being filled with dread when everything went online, because that meant I had to practice in my house where all my roommates could hear me. It can be very embarrassing and so having a private place to go and make mistakes in front of someone who is rooting for you is ESSENTIAL. I would hate to be have a voice lesson filmed, and I've been singing for like 4 years now.

  • Kim, there's people that are dying

  • I’m late to this video, but dang Drew this some journalism

  • Where do you get a Gatorade shirt

  • I think they are also in a unique situation because most of her fame isn’t even from dancing, she is mostly famous just from being famous. (Kind of like pewdiepie, except he is an adult and can actually handle it)

  • Siblings?

  • I can't believe you said that about Jar Jar. He's a diplomat.

  • Is no one talking about how the family assistant is called Alexa…

  • DREW YOUR SOOO GOOD GET YOUR OWN SHOW ALREADY!!(going along with the joke)

  • What u were talking about around 9 minutes is so agreeable, I Talk about it all the time. Like people would have to work and work for their career like let’s say ur a artist u would wanna build up that respect and get everyone to like you, but if you did not build up that career most people would not even know what you can do and you would have nothing to work for, like BAM done with ur life done with ur career journey nothing, children should be able to preserve their own contentment and not rush into fam

  • Drew mentions Tom Scott at 7:13 but he was literally right there on that vending machine at 2:06


    • Dhar Mann stan alert 🚨

  • You need to make a video on the countries bears

  • I got the Dan and Phil book when I was like 15 or 16 and I thought it was pretty good. It was funny and well put together. But the Dan and Phil go outside book was a bit boring. It wasn't bad, but not as good or interesting as their first. Dan is coming out with a mental health book and I think that would be interesting to read.

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  • I gotta say though, rats are actually pretty clean animals?

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  • The subscribe button was above videos when the button was yellow before the big change

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    • Shut up. Drew Gooden doesn’t hate Dhar Mann. In fact, by writing more comments, you are literally giving this video more traction. Good job 👍

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